Sunday, January 11, 2015

Drip Feeding System in our garden

Dear Family & Friends

Most people in our village maintains at least a couple of properties for gardening purpose to sustain their extended families with garden food. But for us, our garden which measures an average size of 750 square metre, is enough to grow food for a family of four, for the whole some to share.

our vegetable garden plot with drip feed irrigation all set up

Today I'm sharing with you about the idea of using a 'Drip Feed System' to water a garden.

At the height of summer, the heat can be so intense here that I can't be out in the garden for more than ten minutes before I start to feel faint. I can't imagine how the plants in the garden must be feeling. Without regular, consistent watering, plants would suffer dramatically. To prevent this, we set up a drip irrigation system, which can be partially disassembled over the Winter. You can't expect me to water the garden by hand.

plants are watered gently, slowly and direct to where you want it

In the past, we tried putting trench along side row of vegetables and flood it with water but it takes a lot of water and drench collapse after a while. So, it's not the best and efficient way there is, although most of the villagers here uses this gardening method.

Our drip feed system is very basic and simple. Water is fed into plastic pipe tubes, that lies on the ground, by gravitational force from above ground water tank which is filled with a free underground water source. The plastic pipe tubes are flexible and are sold very cheaply by the roll. Cheap and cheerful stuff but that's all that's available in this country for the moment.

So there you are...just a glimpse of our gardening chore and system tht we maintain here.



  1. Is this your new blog? I can feel your passion for! your garden is immaculate and orderly!

  2. Hi Annie, You're garden looks amazing and so protected in that court yard. It must be great living somewhere where everyone grows their own, so much advice and knowledge on offer!