Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A dandelion Story

The Dandelion Story

One day a little girl wandered here and there, in fields and forest, in gardens to find the flower she would love the most.

As she hurried to her search, she stumbled upon a field of fuzzy balls on hollow green stems.

There were hundreds and hundreds of them. So, she asked them a question: Where would you like to live the most?

'Oh', cried the Dandelions...'I want to live wherever the children will find me as they walk and romp and play in the field.'

'I want to live by the road side, in the meadows, push up in between pavements and stones, to make everyone happy with my bright beautiful colours and to give early salad greens for food to people'

'You are the flower that I like', said the little girl. She bend down to pick the puffy head on the green stem and blew a kiss on this sweet humble bloom.

With that, she said: 'You shall bloom everywhere from spring till autumn and be the children's favourite flower.'

Thus the Dandelion comes very early every year to push her head up in fields, hedges, crevices and had such a sweet long life.